• Meet the Presidents
    Interested in meeting President Papp,
    College Deans, and other administration?
    Check out our next event
    Meet the Presidents!
  • GOVERNANCE (noun)

    [guhv-er-nuh ns]
    1. government; exercise of authority; control.
    2. a method or system of government
    or management.
  • Speak Up! Let your voice be heard..
  • Check in here and on OwlLife for more!
    We are the voice of the students.
    This will be our main way of communicating with our students what changes may be coming,
    what events may be happening and anything else that impacts Kennesaw State University so stay tuned!

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Quote of the Month

  • "Don't let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning"

    Robert Kiyosaki